Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Sick of frame-filling pin-sharp Grindale Rough-legs?

One of the most showy Rough-legged Buzzards ever had managed to evade me twice, but finally I caught up with it. A tick for my Dad and daughter so great to get awesome views. Spent most of my time just drinking in this stonking bird rather than worrying about photos, but at one point it hovered long enough to get a shot with the camera, and then perched close by on a hedge allowing a bit of a phonescoped effort. The bird seemed to be being mobbed from below in the hedge, by a rather feisty Wren, which attracted the predator's gaze. The hovering was pretty impressive - Addie thought it was just like a big Kestrel - and seemed to be a lot of effort for a large bird. Three Yorkshire Rough-legs in a couple of weeks. Top stuff!

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