Tuesday 26 January 2016

Smew and stuff

Nipped out to Rufforth to have a look at the gulls lunchtime on Friday, as for once, I had a car to hand. Worth the trip with two very smart first-winter Caspian Gulls loafing on the airfield along with a very keen Chris Gomersall who had been there all morning and seen a selection of stuff.

Caspian Gull, on the left at the front.

On Sunday took the kids out for a walk but the water was so deep in the LDV that I couldn't wade or drive through the flood to get on to Wheldrake Ings for risk of being swept to a watery death. A distant bit of scoping revealed 40 Curlew heading over, which is the most I have seen round here for a while. We headed south to Thorganby which proved to be a bit of good fortune when a small, sleek duck twisted past and landed with a splash on the floods - a female Smew! Nice one. The first in the York area this winter. Unfortunately it was a bit distant to get a photo and I had forgotten my phone. Vicky leant me hers so at least I could tweet out the news. Lots of common stuff on the water and a Barn Owl flew past nice and close allowing the kids both to see it. Smart.

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