Saturday, 24 September 2016

Yellow-browed Invasion

Mid-week, a small stretch of Yorkshire coast witnessed one of the biggest falls of that charismatic stripy Sibe, the Yellow-browed Warbler. Flamborough recorded well into treble figures on Wednesday and Filey had over 30 the same day! Incredible stuff and it is hard to guess the real numbers involved along that stretch of coast. I was stuck in work so a bit late to get in on the action, but to be surrounded by the strident call of these tiny little phylloscs calling unseen in the Old Fall canopy was a real treat and worth waiting for. I heard at least six or sevenat Flamborough with a couple seen well. Not a lot else present apart from a Hobby that shot past. Over at Filey I 'found' a YBW at the Tip along with a female-type Redstart. In the big trees bordering Long Lane, four or five YBWs could still be heard calling and a couple showed well but briefly, moving about in the foliage. I don't get tired of these hyperactive sprites despite their increasing numbers.

YBW, Old Fall Hedge.

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