Saturday, 29 October 2016

Back to local reality

The winds have finally gone west and birding has slowed on the coast. Maybe that is it for this autumn but with more Sibes still turning up in Europe, maybe there will be a few more throws of the dice yet.

Nevertheless, I only had a couple of hours of non-Dad duty today, so snook down to Wheldrake Ings. The place is looking great due to the Willow-bashing activities of Natural England, Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and York Ornithological Club staff and volunteers - fab effort! Views will be much better once the site floods next month.

No water in the valley yet, so the first returning 25 Whooper Swans were happily chilling on the pool, allowing great, close views. Only six young birds present, so perhaps not the best breeding season for this group. A Jay and a Kingfisher provided a bit of colour, whilst the Wigeon flock had grown to 30 and Teal to 100. Over on Swantail, a Green Sandpiper was resting on the mud before nearly being nailed by a hunting Sparrowhawk, and nearby a pair of Stonechats were doing there thing. Dunc had four there later.

25 Whooper Swans in the photo above are in the water, with Mutes on the bank and in the water on the left.

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