Sunday 22 January 2017

Icelandic Monster Trio

Bit of time to kill between party drop off and pick up, so popped down to Rufforth to see if any gulls were about. There was a flock of c300 in the field across from the tip, so I parked up on the airfield and walked back. I just love birding from the road verge and getting beeped at. It's such fun. Quickly found a rather monstrous juvenile Glaucous Gull at the front of the flock and nearby a second bird showing slightly more advanced plumage. Smart. I couldn't pull anything else out and there was no turnover so to avoid freezing to death, I headed off to Poppleton to see if anything was doing there. Almost immediately found another young Glauc though this bird was quite a bit darker than the previous two. I didn't manage any photo as it was a bit distant but pleased to score the hat-trick. No sign of any Waxwings in Acomb in a quick search. The Pine Bunting continues to show sporadically down at Dunnington and is attracting the crowds.

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