Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sunflower Power

The power of Sunflower hearts to pull in birds is remarkable. This winter our little garden in the middle of a housing estate has attracted up to 15 Goldfinches, several Chaffinches and a few Greenfinches. Recently, as birds start to move north and local birds run out of natural food, we have seen regular visits from up to four Siskins and three or four Reed Buntings. The latter seem to have figured out how to feed from the feeders along with the other birds, which I have not seen before. One morning ten days ago, I bumped into 30+ Waxwings on the cycle track whilst doing the early morning dog walk. They showed really well although I didn't manage any decent photos before legging it to work. Maybe the last Waxwings I will see this winter, so nice to see them just round the corner from home.

Three Reed Bunts, two Siskins and a Waxwing

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