Friday 29 September 2017

Boggled: 26-27th September

Two days with work at Boggle Hole on the North Yorkshire coast in an easterly, always promised to be good! After my morning's presentation, headed north along the clifftop and was rewarded with a smart juvenile Red-backed Shrike feeding from the hedge surrounding one of the paddocks. With the assistance of a colleague I managed a couple of digi-binned shots with my phone:

The shrike was still present the next day, along with a Yellow-browed Warbler just by the Youth Hostel. Very nice! Also, a strikingly blue toadstool which apparently is a Blue Roundhead:

Flamborough: YCN/YWT/FBO Migration Workshop, 23rd September

Our first migration workshop of the autumn was hampered by westerlies, but nevertheless, Tony pulled in a few smart birds including a couple of Bullfinches and a Goldcrest. Later, Ian turned up with an enormous Convolvulous Hawkmoth:

We did the Old Fall loop which was great fun despite the lack of migrants which consisted of one Pied Flycatcher in the plantation.

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