Sunday, 6 January 2019

Stripy-faced Fence Jumper

Whilst the York birding scene was going through a purple patch, I was sweating at my in-laws, waiting to return north. On the way back, popped into Roxton just off the Black Cat Roundabout to see a female White-headed Duck. Well, it turned out it was ringed, so had probably jumped out of a nearby collection, but it was quite smart to see, steaming around with the local Coots and Gadwall, like a stripy faced tug boat. Sol seemed quite impressed too.

Whilst this bird was not ever going to get accepted as a wild bird once it's bling had been spotted, it is interesting that the species has not yet made it on to the British list. I saw a more likely candidate for a wild bird back in June 2002 on Hardley Flood in Suffolk, but as yet, this is in the Category D bin along with all the others. Maybe one day...

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