Friday 24 May 2019

Going plastic free, bit by bit!

We have all seen how the production of plastic waste, particularly from single-use sources is not only causing huge ecological damage in our oceans but is also using lots of fossil fuels to produce in the first place. We should all try and reduce our useage, particularly of single-use plastic and definitely where there is a simple alternative.

Going entirely plastic free is very hard living in Britain, but it is not all or nothing. If everybody just reduced their use/purchase of single-use plastic just a bit, collectively it would have a HUGE impact! This year, our family resolution was to take some simple steps to reduce our single-use plastic and to be honest it has been pretty easy! Here is what we have done so far:

  1. Always carry a water bottle so we don't have to purchase water while out and about.*
  2. Always carry a drinks container just in case we fancy a coffee on the go.*
  3. Get our milk delivered in glass bottles to our door. This has been great as we very rarely run out of milk these days!
  4. Buying dry goods (eg rice) from Bishy Weigh in York to avoid plastic packaging.
  5. Getting a weekly organic veg box delivered to our door.
  6. Taking containers to the supermarket deli so that they don't put your cheese in a bag.
  7. Stopped using plastic bags to put your fruit in at the supermarket.*
  8. Recycling ALL recyclable plastic products at St Nick's in York via Bishy Weigh.
  9. Never use single-use carrier bags - we take our own bags with us when shopping.*
  10. Never use plastic drinking straws when out. If there is no paper straw alternative, we drink from the glass. Like adults. 

(*we were doing some of this stuff already to be honest, at least some of the time, we now just do it all the time!)

None of these things are particularly difficult. Milk and veg delivery is a bit more expensive than buying the same wrapped in plastic from supermarkets, but what cost the Earth?

Please do what you can. As somebody once said, every little helps!

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