Sunday, 26 April 2020

Lockdown Birding: 'And it was all yellow...'

There can't be many more stonking spring migrants than a glowing Yellow Wagtail! It is bonkers to think this might have been picking insects off Hippo poo in West Africa only a few weeks ago, and now this individual is wagging about in a sheep pasture in North Yorkshire. For a bird that weighs less than one AA battery (no, really! 18g YW versus 21g AA battery) it's migratory feat is really impressive; it has travelled thousands of miles, faced various dangers and arrived here like a sunbeam to brighten up even the dullest of spring afternoons.

No sign of the Bolton Percy Ring Ouzel this afternoon, nor any Wheatears at Colton, but enjoyed my cycle round the local area. A couple of pairs of Grey Partridges were noted, along with four Corn Buntings near Acaster Church and 30 Fieldfares in the large Ash on Church Ings.  Saw some Yellow Archangel flowering on a verge in the Bluebell Wood.

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