Sunday 18 April 2021

Purple Haze

Spent the day at Ingleborough which was brilliant under azure skies. After work, Frank gave me a lift up the mountain to have a look at a clump of Purple Saxifrage, a rare plant found on the mountain top. 

After a bumpy ride and steep walk, we found this exquisite flower growing on a limestone crag top, jutting out of the mountain side, a really stunning location, with the Irish Sea shimmering behind the iconic summit of Ingleborough in the background. 

Thanks, Frank!

Back at Colt Park, the white-flowered Rue-leaved Saxifrage was modestly growing on a drystone wall in the car park.


On Monday, I bobbed into Salt Lake Quarry to have a look at the Daphne Mezereum, or Lady's Laurel, that had been discovered recently. A smart little shrub, with pink flowers, growing along the edge of the site. A rare plant in Yorkshire, this was presumably transported here by winter thrushes, that are fond of the berries. Whether the provenance of the berries was a wild plant or a cultivated one is impossible to know.


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