Saturday, 8 May 2021

Old Haunts

Had an evening visit to Grafham Water (1st May) in preparation for our Cambridgeshire Big Day, with old birding mate, and Grafham stalwart, Mark Hawkes. Awesome to hear a Nightingale, a species I rarely encounter now I am back up north, and my first Lesser Whitethroat of the year. Phenomenal numbers of Yellow Wagtails were seen, approaching 100 (Mark had had close to 150 earlier in the week), presumably held up by the north wind and appreciating the flies hatching from the reservoir. A powder-blue-headed 'Channel' Wagtail was feeding on the dam with a striking female which was also probably a hybrid. The male had green streaking on the crown which I'd not noticed on Channel Wags before, but indicates his flavissima genes. 

Common Sandpiper on a fence

Yellow Wagtail fest.

Male and possibly female 'Channel' Wagtails (hybrids between British Flavissima and continental Flava Yellow Wagtails)

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