Wednesday 2 June 2021

Staring into Bushes

Drove to Flamborough late afternoon, where I spent a couple of hours standing on the edge of the lighthouse car park, staring into the bushes. This was enlivened by the occasional burst of song from a super-skulking Marsh Warbler. After two hours, I decided it was time to make tracks and then suddenly a pale brown-grey Acro jumped up into the bush from the undergrowth as if to acknowledge my departure. Cute-face, spiky bill, nice eyering and longish wings, quick photo and then it dropped back down and out of sight. I gave it another 15 minutes, but then headed back west, just making it to the chippy before last orders. 

Sadly, the bird looked away as I took the pic. The Marsh didn't show as well as the local Whitethroat pair, which were busy feeding young nearby.

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