Thursday 15 July 2021

Albatross! (again)

With the mighty Black-browed Albatross continuing to grace Bempton Cliffs, I was keen to revisit for another look at this spectacular bird. My Dad and sister were keen to come too, so a plan was made for a Tuesday evening dash. The bird had been showing on and off during the day at Bempton Cliffs, so we thought there was a good chance she would be present. We arrived at 7.30pm and she had just flown up on to the cliff at Staple Newk and was sitting with some Gannets, enjoying the evening sunshine. We watched her for the next 90 minutes, during which time she did a bit of preening and an occasional impressive wing-stretch. After a few altercations with the feisty Gannets, she settled down to sleep and we left her dozing in the gathering dusk. Such a joy!

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