Saturday 11 September 2021

Buckton Green Warbler!

Yorkshire is having an amazing summer for rare birds and news of a Green Warbler at Buckton added to the sublime birding scenes. This was a fantastic find by Mark Thomas who has created a wonderful oasis for migrant birds at this site just northwest of Bempton, only the ninth for Britain and the first for Yorkshire. After ringing, the bird was very elusive on Thursday afternoon and having spent the day as far away from the east coast as you can get at Ingleborough, I just couldn't face the twitch. The bird didn't depart overnight, so, after work, I headed east for a look. 

The bird had been showing off and on all day, so I was pleasantly surprised to find only about 30 birders on site. I recognised a couple of locals who told me they were watching the bird - I saw a movement, got my bins on it, just as it flew off - doh! A bright green and yellow streak....a good start, but more views were needed. I walked round to the southeast side and after ten minutes or so, picked up a Phyllosc in the taller Willows. It hopped to the front, showing a bright yellow face and supercilium and turned to show off bright green upperparts and a neat little wingbar. Hello! What a cracker, looking more like a miniature Wood Warbler than a Greenish Warbler. It zipped about actively, before melting away into the foliage, along with the two Willow Warblers it was hanging out with. 

Over the next hour, it showed every ten minutes or so, presumably tracking round a feeding circuit. A Pied Flycatcher and Redstart added to the scene. I chatted to mates and other birders, all of whom were stoked by this cracking bird, a species I never thought I would see anywhere in Britain, let alone in Yorkshire. At times, the bird showed out in the open on bare twigs, allowing me to have a crack at some ninja phonescoping... 

Later, I went to pay homage to the Black-browed Albatross, who, true to form, cleared off two minutes before I arrived...It then chucked it down, so I headed for a celebratory chippy tea and then home.


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