Saturday 4 September 2021

Great White off Staithes!

So, 4 1/2 miles offshore from Staithes this morning and a Great White Egret flies past, heading east - i.e. further out. To say this was unexpected was an understatement, and possibly one of the wierdest birds I have seen whilst leading a Yorkshire Coast Nature Whale and Seabird Trip. The bird had been tracked up the coast earlier before turning right at Staithes and heading due east out to sea. Why? Who knows! 


Also, we enjoyed a close Minke Whale seen at about 6 miles, several Arctic Skuas and one Bonxie. Lots of ducks moving today, mostly Common Scoters and Teal, a few small flocks of waders and still plenty of Kittiwakes, Razorbills and terns hanging out feeding on the Herring shoals. 

We often retrieve discarded fishing gear and plastic litter while on these trips. Today, I hooked a large plastic container. It took a bit of lifting to get it out! It had been in the water a long time and hosted two fabulous Goose Barnacles, an absolutely class invertebrate that I have never seen in 'real life', definitely the highlight of the trip for me!



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