Wednesday 19 January 2022

12KM to Heaven

Sunday morning, I cycled up to Wheldrake Ings. A glorious, icy dawn broke as I headed east, over the misty Ouse and along the lanes to Crockey Hill. Grey Partridges huddled in the crisp fields and two Little Egrets were unexpected angels, glowing as they passed overhead. 

On to the Ings and I headed round to Swantail. 'My' Dusky Warbler was calling from the reeds just past the footbridge, clinging on despite the chilly weather. Another familiar face, 'D3' the Suffolk Marsh Harrier was hanging out too and spent most of the morning harrassing the ducks, along with another, unmarked bird. A Nuthatch was a pleasant surprise in Oaks just across the Derwent and I enjoyed close views of a confiding Willow Tit. A couple of hardy Stonechats and a solitary Pink-footed Goose that dropped in to join the Greylag flock were also noted.

Dusky Warbler wintering habitat

The spectacle of Wheldrake was a joy to behold; if heaven was a place on earth, this would be pretty close. Though I'd prefer it to be a few degrees warmer!

 The non-motorised yearlist has edged up to 102. Not a bad start!

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