Sunday 31 December 2023

One last blog for 2023

No sign of last New Year's Eve's Walrus in Scarborough today, but a handsome drake Red-breasted Merganser was busy fishing and taunting me about the gap in my York area list. Nearby, a reptilean juvenile Great Northern Diver was also after lunch, sliding underwater, submarine-like, navigating the murky harbour waters with ruby-red eyes. A Red-throated Diver was more shy, and sought the quieter waters at the front of the harbour. A few Rock Pipits fed along the rock armour on Marine Drive and a solitary Harbour Seal fed near to a hopeful angler, while pairs of Fulmars cackled from the sandstone cliffs above.

From top: Red-breaster Merganser, Great Northern Diver, Rock Pipit, Great Northern Diver

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