Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Garrulous Chap

Picked up a 'dead' Jay off Bishy Road this morning by the Palace Grounds. What a beautiful bird, complete with acorn in beak. To my surprise, as soon as I picked it up it twitched a  leg, then a wing and within a few minutes it had come round albeit somewhat dazed. I took a couple of photos of this absolutely stonking bird and then decided to sit it on a branch. After falling off like a drunken village idiot into a hedge, I held it for a little while more during which it decided to do a bit of characteristic squawking, which from close range was ear-splitting. Other commuters gave me some very funny looks. I placed it back on the branch and this time it held it together and managed to remain perched. Work beckoned so I left this bird like a slightly-camp and forlorn sentinel perched in the tree. I hope it survived the ordeal.

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