Sunday, 21 September 2014

Check your stubble

Checked out the big Golden Plover flock in the fields south of Bishopthorpe. Not easy viewing due to the stubble, but c500 birds present. Got a bit excited over a large pale grey bird that looked like a Grey Plover, until it stood up and flapped revealing itself to be some freak Goldie.

Check the bird sleeping right in the middle. The most Grey Golden Plover I have seen.

A Chiffchaff worked the rather scant hedge behind me and a chipping gang of Tree Spugs was a glorious sight at the back of Brunswick. I will be keeping an eye on this flock, especially if we start getting some westerlies, as this is the very spot where my old mate Dunc Poyser found the first acceptable American Goldie for the York area back in late September 2003.

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