Sunday, 4 March 2018


Dawn on Friday revealed more snow. I cleared another patch of snow on the small front lawn and put more apples out. Cue more Fieldfares. In the back garden, a single feisty Fieldfare was now defending the food and was chasing off all comers. This was pretty heart-breaking to watch as small flocks of thrushes dropped into our trees and took it in turns to try and descend to feed, but 'Frank' was having none of it and chased each one off fearlessly. Within twenty minutes, another bird, which the kids dubbed 'Frank 2' started to defend the new patch on the front lawn. This was hard to watch so I snook more apples across the road and next door on to neighbour's gardens. These were found immediately by Blackbirds and, yes, Fieldfares. A Pied Wagtail was feeding on the back lawn, an unusual sight in the garden. Plenty of common stuff on the feeders but nothing unusual.

Frank 2 atop his lookout tree in the front garden.

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