Sunday 7 February 2021


Lacking a little motivation today, with lockdown wearing thin and deep water covering all of my local birding spots. The icy blast from the east continued with snow flurries on an off all day. 

In the afternoon, Chris Gomersall found three drake Common Scoters at Clifton, just a couple of miles from home. Just the tonic to lift my flat mood, so I headed round there with Vicky for an afternoon walk along the floodbank. After a bit, the three inky black ducks drifted into view, loafing on the flood just beyond a line of inundated Oaks. They seemed quite happy in their atypical environment, with bouts of preening and splashing about and the occasional characteristic neck-jerking wingflap. My mood bounced back. Nature is good like that!

Common Scoters. A scarce bird in the York area and pretty much unknown in February, with most birds recorded on spring migration, often in April. 

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