Sunday 19 September 2021

Check your pics

Minke Whale off Staithes Harbour, photographed from Cowbar

A quieter day out at sea today, with five hard-won Minke Whales preceded by one feeding close inshore mid-morning. The five Brents were still in the harbour and later, they flew over us heading north, presumably returning to Northumberland. The weather was lovely - too lovely for seabirds really - but we had a great day nevertheless. A flock of six Shovelers heading south was a nice surprise. Later, one of our clients, Matt (@msteaneLUFC), checked his pics and noticed that the lead bird was a Pintail! This one slipped through in the field, reminding me that it is always worth checking your pics!

Shovelers and Pintail
Sleepy Grey Seal
Two of our Minke Whales

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