Sunday 12 December 2021


 I have had three visits to the Lower Derwent Valley in the last week, two guiding for Yorkshire Coast Nature and one alone. Storm Arwen's wake brought the first real flooding to the valley, with a rise in the number of birds. The highlight was two Otters under the bridge at Bubwith, but there have been plenty of avian thrills, including at least 85 Whooper Swans, three White-fronted Geese, hunting Peregrines and Marsh Harriers, a sleepy Tawny Owl on 'my Barn Owl box' and last but not least, a lovely redhead Smew just outside the LDV at Hes East. Local birding ain't bad!

Iceland's finest, Whooper Swans; Tawny Owl at Wheldrake, White-fronts at Ellerton.

Smew, Hes East.

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