Sunday 1 October 2023

Patch dedication

 I was just back from checking on the local Golden Plover flock, to see if an American Goldie had dropped in (without success) when a message came through to say that Jack Ashton-Booth had found a Grey Phalarope on his patch at Hemingbrough Gravel Pits. There hasn't been a twitchable Grey Phal in the York area before, so I went straight back out. Duncan picked me up at Fulford and we headed the short distance down to Hemingbrough. We met up with Jack and a few other local birders to watch the Grey Phal, looking a little forlorn on the water. After a bit, it perked up and started swimming about and picking invertebrates off the water surface. Always a great bird to see, it was a treat to see one at close quarters and close to home. As is normal with this species, this juvenile had started its moult into first winter plumage, with lots of pale grey feathers coming through on the mantle and scapulars. 

Top work by Jack and a good reward for dedicated patch watching. 

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