Thursday 25 July 2013

Moths and Hairstreaks

So we have discovered White-letter Hairstreaks on the big elm in the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust office garden. I guess they've always been there but nobody noticed, which is quite funny! Anyway, well done Kev for spotting them the other day. Fine views today! Also, had my first go with Claire's moth trap last night and succeeded in a small haul of moths that I couldn't identify! Oh well, it is fun to learn. Did manage to pick out a Ruby Tiger, 3 Dot Moths, Riband Wave, Hebrew Character, Dark Arches and a couple of Common Footman (Footmen perhaps?!). I will try again tonight. After an Elephant Hawkmoth really to wow Adelaide....

Among the elm leaves.

Monday 8 July 2013

Butterflies at Fen Bog

A lovely visit to Fen Bog revealed lots of Large Heaths and Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries plus a surprise in the form of a Keeled Skimmer. Also seen, Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Whinchats and lots of cool plants including Arctic Starflower, Heath Spotted Orchid and flowering Cranberry. More on my other blog

Yesterday, went up to Saltholme to look for the wandering Northumberland Bridled Tern, but sadly it went back north before I got there. Having Sol with me, I was in proper birding Dad mode, and we had ice creams a play in the playground and checked out the alpacas (!). I did manage to pick out a rather cracking Roseate Tern flying over the playground which was then picked up on the islands out the front of the centre. Probably the best bird I have had over a playground! The Bridled Tern rocked up back in N'land a few hours later. Git!

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Love Birding

Don't you just love birding? So in the last week I have tramped around farm fields surveying breeding birds, stood in a wood in the dark straining my ears for the squeak and grunt of a Woodcock (without success!) and dashed into a car park near York station to look for a tiny migrant singing from the top of a city building. Oh, and driven out to a tranquil Filey early in the morning to see a lost but content Nearctic duck. Surely there is no hobby better than this!

Adam Hutt, Jack Ashton-Booth and Andy Walker watching a Black Redstart, with the York Eye, Station and Bar Walls in the background. 2nd July. Bottom photo - how the bird looked in June - thanks to Jack for the photo.