Tuesday 23 December 2008

Ma-ma, Da-da, Greenshank

Have been spending a bit of time teaching Adelaide wader identification. We have started from scratch, ie 'repeat the name after me'. Not really working yet. She definitely liked the word 'stint' as she was a bit sick when I mentioned it, which I took to be her way of communicating pleasure. We decided to leave North American peeps til later (well, maybe in 10 years time).

Well, it is nearly Christmas. In a few years time she will be opening the wrapping paper on her first pair of bins, presumably with built in digital camera, species-recognition-technology and mp3 player, which will be much more fun that the high-chair she is getting this year.

Saw the barn owl again over the set-aside across from the house this morning. It has a lot of feather damage on the end of one wing. It has either had a skirmish with another raptor, been shot, or eaten one too many voles and crash landed in a hedge. Good to see one back in here after the field was ploughed up in the summer and we found a moribund barny a week later.

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