Tuesday 16 December 2008


Spent the morning Christmas shopping with Adelaide in Queensgate, Peterborough, where I felt I was backstage at the Jeremy Kyle show! Scary place! Headed back for lunch, whereupon I received a call from Chris Orders to say he had a small grebe swimming around the end of his fishing rod at the south end of the dam, which he thought could be a Black-necked.

I shot down there and was delighted to find the Black-necked Grebe showing really close off the dam. I clambered over the wall and on to the shore and whilst Chris carried on fishing, I took some shots:

Even better was to come, when Chris whipped out a large Rainbow Trout and offered it to me. I gratefully accepted and took it home for tea wrapped unceremoniously in a Morrisons carrier bag. Vicky was less than pleased when I presented her with this enormous fish in the living room!

Later, Vicky was heading out for her first Christmas party, so I with laptop to hand, followed some instructions on t'internet to mutilate this beautiful fish. Eventually, after much swearing, slipping and sliding, I managed to remove all the gore and grime and produce two fine fish filets. One of them was slung in a pan with some butter and garlic and the other headed for the freezer. Shortly, a delicious fishy tea was served. Thanks Chris!

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