Tuesday 20 January 2009

5 Portions of Grebe a day

So, despite a mammoth WeBS count effort by a team of Grafham's finest, some birder turned up yesterday afternoon at GW and finds a record-breaking five grebe species in the Plummer-south end of the dam area. Shocker! So, there are lots of Little and Great Crested Grebes around and the wintering Red-necked, but what a scoop to add Black-necked and the legendary Slavonian to the haul...

So, Mark, myself and Willow grilled the flat-calm mirror at the east end for a good 40 minutes before work this morning, from all angles possible, made noises like dragonfly larvae and fish fry, bit alas we could only manage three portions of grebe. We even picked up the RNG several times, despite it being really active and moving around the place diving constantly. There were lots of Dabchicks present setting our pulses racing momentarily, only for hopes to be dashed when they resurfaced. So, disgruntled, we headed off our separate ways for work.

Later, another birder turned up and found a Black-necked by the south end of the dam (but interestingly could not find the Red-necked...).
I give up!!

2 portions of grebe, with plenty of room for 3 more...

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