Sunday 11 January 2009 Savages

Willow and me had a yomp up to Savages Wood to check out the mini-cows (Dexters) in their new enclosure just east of Savages Creek. They were looking quite at home and they will do a great job for the wild flowers by eating all the coarse grasses etc.
Good work Matt at the Wildlife Trust!

Little of note in Savages Creek and the usual woodland birds in the woods, the highlights being a singing Marsh Tit. Willow got a very muddy belly, courtesy of the new surface on the track Anglian Water have laid down. It is a big improvement though.

With a little sunshine, I managed to get a slightly better photo of the drake Smew off Plummer - see below - along with the female Scaup, several Red-crested Pochards and 30 Goldeneye. Nearby off Mander a female Smew and a couple of Goosander.

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