Sunday 15 March 2009

March WeBS

Today was WeBS which after a gig last night in St Ives, was very difficult to get up for. A delightful spring morning greeted Willow and me down at Marlow, but sadly, despite the feeling of something good, there were no birds anywhere. The start of the fishing season yesterday plus the onset of spring has seen a big clear-out of ducks. My quest for an early LRP or Wheatear along the dam ended in failure, with only a Redshank to show for my efforts. However, bird of the morning shortly appeared, a smart Rock Pipit feeding on the beach just west of Marlow. It promptly flew off and over my head and out of sight before I could get a photo. Despite searching I couldn't refind the pesky pipit. I called in to the lagoons on the way back to the caf to check out the female Scaup that had decided to leave Gaynes to the fishermen and was showing well in front of the hide. Lots of activity in the lagoons with c30 Shelduck, displaying Lapwings and Redshank and singing Chiffchaffs. No sign of Mark's Brambling though. Later, Mark went back round to Marlow and found the Rockit showing well on the rocks by the beach. He got some photos which I will look forward to seeing. It did feel like a day for a migrant or two...

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