Saturday 11 April 2009

Anyone fancy a sandwich?

After three blank years, this afternoon I finally managed to find a Sandwich Tern at Grafham. After a big blank this morning with Sarnies everywhere else, a stroll along the dam with a sodden dog and a dozing daughter (who will be 1 tomorrow!) revealed a distant tern on B buoy. Switching to scope revealed a big pale tern, with large wedge-shaped head and black bill. Sadly for the first five minutes, the bird was head on and so I couldn't be sure....shortly, it was flushed by a fishing boat and as soon as it took flight, it confirmed itself as full-on sandvicensis. Stonking. It gained altitude as this species has a tendency to do, and leisurely cruised south towards the lagoons then down the south shore heading for the sailing club. Cool! Also present were at least two Common Terns with perhaps another four a little more distant. So, a three species tern day - not bad for the first half of April. Maybe we will get an early Little tomorrow...

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