Sunday 6 December 2009

Geese 1 - 0 Jono

5th December: Buckenham
The Taiga Bean Geese are back, or so is the rumour, with up to 65 seen during the week. Arrived as the sun came up and headed round to the windpump. The marshes are very wet now, as is the path, due to all the rain we have had recently. A scan across the marshes revealed a lot of goose action, with c 50 dark geese heading south across the river. Could these be the Beans?
88 White-fronted Geese were in their usual spot over in the northeast corner of the site. Little else of note, save a late Barn Owl nonchalantly sitting in a tree on Claxton Marshes. Sadly, the geese that had flown south never returned. I had a quick look at Cantley, but not a sausage.

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