Tuesday 19 January 2010

Morrisons, Birding Mecca

Having given up on finding a mega on the river I walked over to Morrisons for a sandwich. As I passed the bushes lining Koblenz avenue I noticed a load of desperate Redwings scuttling among the foot high pyracantha, searching for berries. I thought how nice an Eye-browed Thrush would be, when suddenly a bird flew up on to the fence next to me - a Waxwing! Cool! Ok, so not an EBT, but Waxxers have been pretty thin on the ground this winter, so this was quite a nice find. For some reason I had left my moby on my desk, so ran back to Bewick House to grab phone and colleagues. The bird was still there and so successfully twitched by several colleagues, including Reg and Nick. It remained in the area until the weekend at least, allowing quite a few birders to catch up with it. Here is a photo by Rob Wilson I nicked off Surfbirds. I hope he doesnt mind! Have a look at his excellent website: http://www.robwilsonphotos.co.uk/

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