Thursday 18 March 2010

A few bits

Went out early in the mist, but the sun soon came out. Avocets had more than doubled to 14 overnight. A mixed flock of pipits and wagtails were feeding on the slubbed out mud alongside one of the ditches. A grilling revealed three Water Pipits and more surprisingly a Rock Pipit. Presumably a Scandinavian littoralis with a fairly decent supercilium and white throat, though I realise they are difficult to distinguish from British petrosus. Apparently most, if not all, Rock Pipits in Norfolk are believed to be littoralis. There was also ten or so Mippits and c20 Pied Wags. Still no hirundines, though lots about in the county today.
Whitlingham at lunchtime was quiet, with most of the ducks having gone. The highlight was a female Goldeneye.

Water Pipit

Rock Pipit


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