Thursday 9 September 2010

Tuesday morning blues

The weather looked perfect. The time of year was great. I had learnt Advanced Bird ID by heart. Sadly, Waxham was dead! A 6.45am start saw a dejected looking Tim Allwood already leaving having seen nothing - not a good omen.
A Redstart near the car raised our spirits however, as we trudged the familiar paths through rain-soaked marram and phragmites. Sadly, the epic fall was not evident. We found two Redstarts, 10 Wheatears round the pipe dump and a few warblers. Biggest miss was a Firecrest which called once from a thick gorse bush, only for me to ignore it as a Goldcrest. Back to basics for me...
A quick look on the sea at 7.45am revealed a Bonxie and two Arctic Skuas. Later, a message came on of a Long-tailed Skua passed Waxham at 7.45am. Some days are just like that...

fem Redstart hiding on the pipe dump

Reg pleading with the copse

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