Saturday 29 January 2011

Waxing and waning

Walking out of the door with Willow yesterday morning and I immediately heard Waxwings calling. I couldn't see them, but wondered if they had finally found the only berries left round here near the cycle track. We headed down there and sure enough 11 of the little beauts were sitting in a tree and dropping down on to a guelder rose bush. Later they moved into another tree adjacent to Keble Park South and started dropping on to rosehips on the cycle track. I went home and was pleased to find I could see them from the bedroom window. Today dawned bright, sunny and cold. I walked with Adelaide round there and was treated to fantastic close views of 25-30 Waxwings all flicking about in an ash tree fly-catching, before moving back to feed on rosehips. I was impressed to see that they could swallow big rosehips in one go. Quite often they would pick a hip then fly back to a bigger tree to consume the fruit. I managed a few photos:

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