Sunday 6 March 2011

Family birding

With a weekend of family stuff it looked unlikely that I'd get any birding in. However, with a bit of planning, I managed a quick look on Bank Island and Thorganby Ings (25 Ruff, 23 Whooper Swans, 21 Oystercatchers) on Saturday afternoon, plus a birdless walk around the loop at Skipwith Common.

Whoopers. Not sure if these are migrants or part of the LDV flock having a wander.

Oyks: Could these guys be any noisier?

Redwing looking listfully northeast towards home. That Dusky Thrush is out there somewhere, I keep checking...

Today with brighter skies (I have forgotten what the sun looks like) took the family for a surprise picnic - to Thorganby Ings viewing platform! They all had a fun time eating lunch, whilst I scanned the huge flocks of ducks and waders (200+ Dunlin, 15 Ruff, 3000+ Golden Plover).

Hogging the platform

Later, following the departure of visitors (hopefully my regular watch-checking wasn't too obvious - nothing to do with them, just me hoping to get out before dark) I shot across to Wheldrake for the roost. Andy was present in the hide but hadn't had much sadly, though did tell me I'd missed a Grey Plover at Thorganby. Doh. The light was great, but no good gulls pitched in. The big gulls hadn't really made an appearance by the time I left. 37 Goosander and 50 Fieldfare were the highlights.

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