Sunday 27 March 2011

Too early

Got up too early, was as Wheldrake Ings by 6.45am (5.45am in old money). What was I thinking?! Greeted by a Barn Owl and a collosal flock of Teal which just had to contain a Baikal, or possibly a Garganey. But instead, the flock contained a bunch of Wigeon. Great. Wandered round the back, where Andy's (AW Birder) wader flock was still present, containing c40 Icewits roosting in a tight huddle along with some more active Ruff and Dunlin, one of the former sporting a fine white head. Mind you, from what I have heard, the blonde lads don't get as lucky with the Reeves...Corking close views of a Roebuck and doe just near Swantail was all I could manage apart from a pair of Goosander and two Goldeneye. Narrowly missed an Otter on the way back that another birder had just seen in a ditch. Doh! Several Chiffchaffs about, but no other migrants of note.
Down to North Duff where the best bird was a Grey Partridge by the side of the road near Skipwith. Not much doing really, so after a chat with Alan (Duffbirder), I went home sleepily. Curlew over the house in Bish made cutting the grass for the first time (ever) worthwhile, though it took a lot less time than in Strumpshaw which used to take me 2-3 hours. At the new place, 2-3 minutes.

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