Saturday 23 April 2011

Keep trying

Arose to news of 2 Wood Sands at Heslington. This place is really pulling in the birds!

I had promised to hit the aisles with Solomon, but thought he would be quite keen to see his first Wood Sands, so headed over there. Unfortunately, as Russ had told me, they weren't viewable from Low Lane, so I had to carry Sol for what seemed like miles to where I could see a couple of birders (Mark and Paz) scoping an out-of-sight pool. I arrived breathless. I plonked Sol down, he was happy grubbing about while I received the news that the Wood Sands had just flown off. Shortly a Green Sand flew in and gave corking close views and I noticed a female Wheatear on the rocks. Sadly, it's more elegant cousins failed to put in an appearance before Sol reminded me that we needed to get bbq'd up for this arvo.

Later on, mid bbq, received news that they were back, so once our friends had departed and the kids safely in bed, I shot over to Hes again. The dark clouds had blown in at 4pm and even given us a shower - the first rain in what seems like ages. I was hoping for some Arctic Terns over the lake, but none were around. Back at the pool, one Wood Sand was wading around - a little cracker. Nearby the Green Sand from earlier allowed a fine side-by-side comparison of these two smart tringas and a male Wheatear had replaced this morning's female. Also checked the far end, but not much present apart from a first summer Common Gull.

Wood sand

Green sand

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