Tuesday 5 April 2011


p.s. from yesterday; 5 Goosander on Bank Island at dusk.

So after much deliberation, I decided not to twitch the Alp Swift as I decided that due to the bad weather it would probably stay in it's roost late and therefore would be a bit dull and I would have to leave for South Cave before it decided to have a fly.
Sadly for me, the weathermen got it wrong a bit and the rain passed through overnight and the swift left it's roost at 7.30am and gave good views over the railway station. Nevermind.
Went to North Duffield Carrs on the way to work, where I got cracking views of a couple of Wheatears and a Brown Hare. Not much else of note despite grilling the hoards of Teal and Wigeon.

Tonight, went up to Wheldrake. Virtually the first bird was a Sedge Warbler chattering away by the riverside. On reaching the tower hide I noticed a large dark bird circling the flood, flushing all the ducks in the process. I lifted my bins to find an Osprey! Nice, only my second in the LDV. A good start. Unfortunately, I had peaked too early and apart from a solitary Blackwit on the refuge, there was little else of note. A good gull roost assembled, mostly Herring and Great Black-backs, with several Lessers, but I couldn't squeeze anything better out of them.

A few pics from NDC this morning:

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