Tuesday 7 June 2011

An evening jaunt to Hartlepool - 6 June 2011

Had a lovely, relaxed evening with Ollie and Jack in Hartlepool, chatting to local people about the strangeness of the modern twitching scene, enjoying urban Kittiwakes, and reminiscing over the fortunes of Red-backed Shrikes in the UK. Also, nearly fell to my death five feet up a scaffolding gantry in the back of a pick up (thanks John!!) while trying to digiscope a White-throated Robin in a walled garden, and later almost ended up walking back in to York in the dark as Ollie's car nearly ran out of juice. Fortunately our adrenalin and buzzing vibes kept it going all the way back to town.

Jack and Ollie walk the plank.

A dull grey bird that caused a lot of raised blood pressure and latterly, a lot of elation - see here for a better shot

Independent Urban Kittiwake

Red-backed Shrike beauty

P.S. The dull grey bird was actually a stonking White-throated Robin...

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