Saturday 3 December 2011

West Yorkshire Birding

Headed west with me Dad this arvo and started by dipping the Mirfield Ring-billed Gull for the second successive winter. I later found out that it is usually only here first thing. A drake Mandarin was the only bird of note, plus a Little Grebe on the river. Highlight was too guys who did an amazing powerslide round the corner in a big BMW and nearly ended up in the river.
On to Anglers CP to look for the reported Lesser Scaup. No sign of this, but we did bump into a fine American Wigeon, presumably the same that has been at the nearby Wintersett Res recently. A smart drake. Also present, a slightly nervous-looking Ruddy Duck (wondering where all its mates have gone) - the first I have seen in ages, 11 Goosander and several Goldeneye.

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