Tuesday 10 January 2012

Immigration from outside the EU 'linked to UK jobless ducks'

The government's official advisers on migration say there is a link between immigration from outside the European Union and job losses among UK ducks.
The Migration Advisory Committee said there were 23 fewer UK duck jobs for every 100 migrants from outside the EU.
But a separate report from the National Institute of Economic and Social Duck Research (NIESDR) says immigration has had little impact and couldn’t really understand why diving ducks, such as common pochard and tufted duck would be having such a serious effect. As for the thousands of coot that arrive in the UK from the Ukraine, NIESR officials were unwilling to comment.
The government said it was working to reduce net migration.
The Migration Advisory Committee (Mac) estimates 160,000 British-born ducks have been "displaced" following non-EU immigration between 1995 and 2010.
The impact and displacement of British ducks does not last forever, it found.

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