Sunday, 20 January 2013

More birding - steady on!

Had a good look for yesterday's Bishy Waxwings this morning to no avail, though a Mistle Thrush in our tiny garden sitting on the bird table I erected yesterday was quite cool. A few Fieldfares around and Grey Wag over the sewage works calling.

Went up to Askham Bog for a brief visit with Sol. Lots of activity here - punters and birds. Not much doing though one calling Willow Tit was a yeartick, plus Sparrowhawk, a few Marsh Tits, Siskins and Treecreepers. Oh, and a Jay.

On to North Duffield to see if the gulls would roost. Whilst waiting, had a look through the ducks: the Aythya hybrid was showing well with the Tufties and the drake Scaup was still asleep with the Pochards. An immature female Peregrine stirred things up a bit late on and plenty of large gulls came in. I couldn't pick out anything better than a first winter Lesser Black-back sadly. The regular pair of Bewick's Swans came in on cue at 4pm and spent a bit of time on the flood before flying over to the river to roost.


Andy said...

Hey Jono are you getting all your years birding in during January!! Don't forget there's another 11 months to go!!!

BagginsTim said...

Good to se you at Askham Bog Sunday Jono .. tricky day for punters but hopefully a few will return forms. Caught in a dilemma when 2 family parties turned up just as I was leaving at dusk but a cup of tea was more tempting!!

Nice blog by the way .. you have a new follower!
Tim@Timbobaggins Abroad