Saturday 19 April 2014

Pleasant Valley Saturday

Dawn at Wheldrake Ings was a beautiful way to start the day. Curlews bubbled evocatively from a frosty meadow and the sun glowed orange as it rose in the east over Storwood. The air was full of the warbles of warblers and the piping of Redshank and a curious Barn Owl approached me closely. Round at Swantail, the Greenshank was still present, along with a Ruff, the Ringed Plover and a couple of Redshank. The Reed Warbler still sang from the reeds, but was being drowned out by the excited whirrs of several Sedge Warblers.

On to Hes East where the female Wheatear was still present and lots of Sand Martins over the lake. Little else of note. The wind has gone northeasterly, so the next few days could be exciting!

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