Wednesday 18 June 2014

First for Yorkshire- well, Cleveland!

Had the day off to take Sol on his second morning visit to infant school. After lunch, I headed north to the Clevelandic delights of Redcar where I was approached by two young ladies on the beach who asked me what all the excitement was about. I said I didn't know as I had just turned up, but I had come to look for an American bird... Down the beach and I was soon watching a flock of Common Scoters in the heaving swell off the beach. At a low angle, it wasn't easy, but I shortly picked up a drake scoter with a collosal blob of yellow butter on it's bill - the (American) Black Scoter! Not only a first for Yorkshire, but a British tick for me to boot. Smart. Over the next hour, I had several brief views including some slightly more prolonged views when the flock began feeding and came closer in. I satisfied myself that I wouldn't overlook one of these if I scanned a scoter flock again - the yellow was even visible when the bird had it's head tucked in.I got a bit distracted by news of a Marsh Warbler near York (which on checking later turned out to be mistaken identity), and shortly had to head home. So, another good bird in Yorkshire-ish!

No chance of a photo due to the heavy sea and bright light, so I pinched this off Vancouverislandbirds - which is an excellent website - please visit!

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