Saturday 12 September 2015

Filey Bongo Weekender

Bit of a late post this, but spent the August bank holiday weekend with the family at Filey in the Bongo. Sadly, the SW winds did not create a migrant superhighway, but a handful of common migrants, some showy Arctic waders on the Brigg and a good sprinkle of stuff at the Dams made up for it.

Family from afar

Adult Knot. Still in pretty much full breeding plumage, though a few grey feathers appearing in the coverts.
Juvenile Knot. Lovely fresh feathers with nice pale edges.

Juvenile Little Stint. This bird was incredibly tame and most of the time was too close for photos. Sadly the poor dawn light meant most photos were blurry. I am no photographer!

Painted Lady - several rocked up late morning on Carr Naze.

Silver Y. Three or four of these migrants were feeding with the Painted Ladies.

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