Monday 14 March 2016

The Murk

A misty drive around the LDV yesterday. Still couldn't get on to Wheldrake Ings due to the water levels. Little at East Cottingwith, though nice to see three or four Lapwings displaying on the higher ground and the sound of Skylarks in the air. On to Ellerton church, where I briefly saw a very weird passerine on the church wall - like a Black-eared Wheatear in a sparrow's body! It flew off and I never saw it again. Presumably some escaped weaver or something. Anyway, checked out the floods through the murk which revealed six Whooper Swans and plenty of common wildfowl. After a while an unseen threat put the ducks up and the Ruddy Shelduck came flying past looking rather out of place on a murky late winter's morning.

Next stop Aughton, where a gang of presumably migrant Whooper Swans were loafing just down from the church. Lovely birds and presumably on their way back north soon. A good number of Pochards here c134, but I couldn't see any Scaup (the 5 were reported later).

Nowt doing at Bubwith Ings or North Duffield Carrs, where the water still remains high. Tried Skipwith Common and then Thorganby.

Just east of Bubwith Bridge. High water levels.

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