Sunday 5 June 2016

Super Giant Acrocephalus

Spent the weekend before last with the inlaws in Herts. A quick dawn visit to Paxton Pits was in order to get Great Reed Warbler on my waning Cambs list. As I approached Washout Pit (thanks for gen Mark!), a loud 'Trak trak trak....Eeek Eeek' announced that the bird was still there. Reed Warblers chuntered relentlessly in the belt of reeds fringing the pit and every so often the giant Acro would let loose a salvo of epic proportions, making up for its brevity with sheer volume. Churk churk churk, swee swee, chirra chirra. Etc. Awesome! Stupidly, I didn't have my scope, so had to take some long range shots with the DSLR, once the whopper decided to inch up a reed stem to give me a view. Cuckoo and Garden Warblers also noted, but surprisingly no Nightingales.

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